Tips for Traveling to a Place When you Don’t Know the Native Language


One of the thrills of traveling is experiencing unique cultures, which include native languages. However, a language barrier can sometimes make the experience more nerve-wracking. The following tips can help you to overcome the stress of traveling to a place when you do not know the local language. 

Learn the Basics 

You do not have to fluently speak the native language to enjoy your trip to the destination. Learning basic phrases can give you an easier time communicating with the locals. Make an effort to learn the commonly used phrases like hello, thank you and please. You may also want to learn how to ask “do you speak English?’’ 

Today, there are many mobile phone translation apps that you can use to learn new languages. You can simply download the apps onto your phone for convenience. They can help you to easily grasp the common phrases in various native languages. 

Use Hand Gestures 

Hand gestures are universally recognized and can also help you to easily navigate your way when visiting a new environment. Their hand gestures can communicate volumes that could take a lot of time to explain in words. However, you should be cautious to know about the specific gestures that will not seem offensive in your host destination. 

Be Nice to People 

It can be quite frustrating when you are unable to effectively communicate. But, you should not direct the frustration to the locals. Instead, acting nice to people will enable you to get help without a lot of trouble. If you act nice, people will easily understand your situation and offer the necessary assistance. On the other hand, arrogance could only land you into more trouble. 

Traveling to a place when you do not know the local language can be hectic but, the above tips will enable you to easily overcome the fears and ensure a memorable trip.