How to Travel When You Can’t Rent a Car


After a long trip on a train with my fellow friend Gabe, owner of Lux Collision out in San Antonio Texas, we discussed that traveling to new places and countries gives you a chance to see new sights and experience new adventures away from home. A rental car is a necessity for moving around at your destination. But what happens if you can’t rent one? How do you move around? This article will explain a few options you could explore when unable to rent a car.

Public Transport

You’ll be surprised that trains, subways, and buses are efficient in some places. Traveling via the bus is better since you can get on and off the bus whenever you see something cool that you want to check out. Most buses stop a few blocks, making it easier to find one when you need to get to the next place. Hopping on that train and bus can help you save your money and get on and off at will.


Ride-hailing services are a great option rather than spending too much on a rental car. A few benefits come with using taxi hauling services such as uber. For instance, you enjoy the flexibility to make your schedule and travel the way you want. Also, you enjoy your privacy since you don’t have to share your space. The essential thing is that you get advice from locals about local spots you are yet to find. Besides, for the taxi services, you can pay via an app. Hence, you don’t have to handle cash.

Get Around

This peer-to-peer option allows you to rent a car by the hour. You can book various cars through the app and without meeting anyone in person. The inability to get a rental car during a trip shouldn’t stress you. There are a variety of options to choose from when you can’t get one, including driving your car, Zip car, and also Avail